Ruxton Siamese Traditional Cats

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Ruxton Siamese Traditional Cats

Siamese Kittens Born November 20, 2011!

We are proud to announce the birth of a litter of five kittens to Whispurring Marlene of Ruxton, and Skywalker of Applecat Acres. Marlene is a Championship Stock Traditional Seal Point, and Skyewalker is a Championship Stock Traditional Lilac Point from pure gene lines. Contact if you are interested in one of these kittens. Check out the Video Gallery and the Photo Gallery to see Marlene, Skyewalker, Lili, and Marlene's kittens, including a graphic showing the family tree of Marlene and Skyewalker's kittens.

Intelligent "Extroverts" Siamese are well known for their extroverted nature and desire for human companionship. Their sociability shows itself in what some call "dog-like" behavior. Though they won't come when called, they will follow you from room to room. If you close your door, the cat may actually knock on it or attempt to get your attention by reaching under it with a paw.

About Marlene Whispurring Marlene of Ruxton is the breeding female at Ruxton Siamese. She is a Championship Stock Traditional Siamese Seal Point, born at the Whispurring Woods Cattery in Pennsylvania, headed by Jeanne Baer. She was born on June 27, 2009, to Apple-Lissa Tessa of Whispurring. Her sire is B&D Mr. P. of Whispurring, a chocolate point Siamese. Marlene is a confident, friendly, and very intelligent cat who is quite comfortable around people, other cats, children, and her buddy Nikita, the Akita/German Shepherd mixed breed dog who is her constant companion. Marlene is a registered traditional siamese, through the Traditional Cat Association.

About Skyewalker Permes Skyewalker of Applecat Acres is the sire for Marlene's litters. Born on Auygust 22, 2001, Skye is a registered Championship Stock Traditional Lilac Point from pure lilac genetic lines. He was also the sire for Marlene's first litter of three frisky and lovable kittens -- two lilacs points and one blue point. Check out their videos in the Video Gallery. Skyewalker hails from the award-winning Applecat Acres Cattery in Newton, Pennsylvania, headed by Judith Heberlig.

About Ruxton Siamese Ruxton Siamese is a small home-based cattery near Baltimore, MD. The The cats are cared for by the homeowners, and live very peaceably with a large mixed breed dog named Nikita.

Contact for information about Ruxton Siamese kittens.

About Lili Whispurring Lili of Ruxton is Marlene's sister and litter-mate, and is Championship Stock Traditional Siamese Chocolate Point Spay. Lili, shown in the photo at the top left, is stunningly beautiful and very playful. She is helping raise the new litter of kittens. Lili's home is in New Haven, CT, with Callie Jones. She is visiting Marlene while Callie is out of the country. You can see Lili in action in the Video Gallery, where she is stalking a squirrel.

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